Lana Payne, Atlantic Regional Director



Lisa Martin, newly elected Atlantic Regional Chair & Local 506 Vice President



Roch Leblanc, Atlantic Federal Election Coordinator & Local 506 Secretary-Treasurer



Atlantic Regional Council with our Political Action Committee - Front Row, Roch Leblanc, Shauna Wilcox, Dwayne Hancock.  Back Row:  Lisa Martin, Rolly Kiehne, Lana Payne



Unifor President, Jerry Dias, speaking at the 2015 Atlantic Regional Council


Peter Kennedy

Unifor National Secretary Treasurer, Peter Kennedy


GH Training 2 May 2015


Grievance Handling Training May 2015 Group

Participants of the May 2015 Workplace Representative Training in Moncton

GH Training Instructors Sandy and Jennifer Murray

Instructors Sandy Brideau and Jennifer Murray

GH Training 4 May 2015


GH Training 3 May 2015


GH Training 5 May 2015


GH Training May 2015 Participants


Sandy Brideau and Rino Ouellette supporting CUPE Local 76 workers locked out by the City of Campbellton.

RAW Campaign Organizers

Rights at Work Campaign Organizers hard at work at Canadian Council (Roch Leblanc in back, second from the right)

Can Council Violence Against Women

Sisters at Unifor Canada Council talking about the appalling cycle of violence against women.  Inspirational speech Lisa Martin!

Danny Glover Rotate

After a rousing speech in which he called unions the greatest weapon against poverty and inequality, actor Danny Glover vowed further support of the North American labour movement.  Jerry Dias named Glover an honorary member of Unifor.

Council Members RESIZE

Telco Industry Council Executive members (Sandy Brideau in Center elected as Recording Secretary) other members elected:  Vérinique Figliuzzy, Member at Large; Dana Anne-james, Member at Large; Sam Synder, Member at Large; Marc Rousseau, President; Dave Kuntz, Vice President; Steve Wanless, Secretary Treasurer

East Coasters Telco Industry Council June 18 2014 RESIZE

East Coast representatives at the Telco Industry Council meeting - Left to Right: Lisa Martin, Mary Croke, Sandy Brideau and Bobby MacDonald

NBFL Mid-Term Conf

NBFL rally to Save Canada Post in Saint John at vacant Rodney Weston office (Roch Leblanc, Chuck Rouse & Sandy Brideau representing Unifor Local 506)

 CLC Convention 1 resize 

Left to Right, Chuck Rouse, Adam Costain & Stéphane Lamoureux


CLC Convention 2 resize

Lisa Martin representing Unifor Local 506 at the CLC Convention


CLC Convention 3 resize

Unifor Atlantic Region Area Director, Rino Ouellet at CLC Convention


CLC Convention 7 resize

Theme for the 2014 Convention - "Together Fairness Works"


CLC Convention 8 resize

On the Convention floor - overwhelming support for Unifor's Hassan Yussuff


CLC Convention 10 resize

Region 2 Chair, Stéphane Lamoureux on the Ballot Committee


CLC Convention 11 Marc Rousseau Telco Chair resize

Unifor Industry Council Chair for Communications, Marc Rousseau


March April 2014 in Tracadie resize

Local 506 Vice President, Sandy Brideau (left) and Region 4 Chair Ron Benoit (right) marching to protest federal cuts in VIA Rail, EI & Postal Service


Rally Tracadie against Federal Cuts in VIA Rail EI and the Postal Service resize



Left to Right Mike McMullin (Local 30), Melissa Totten, Tammy Pitt, Lisa Martin & Angela Davis at Fredericton Legislature Building



Rino Ouellet at Fredericton Rally



Tammy Pitt, Lisa Martin and Angela Davis at Fredericton Rally



Unifor Local 506 at Fredericton Legislative Building


Executive at Atlantic Regional Council April 3-5 2014 Resize

Left to Right, Adam Costain, Lisa Martin, Lynn Briggs, Stéphane Lamoureux, Roch Leblanc, Sandy Brideau


Atlantic Regional Council Ray Hawco Todd Powell Steve Howlett Resize

From Local 410 - NL Left to Right, Ray Hawco, Todd Powell and Steve Howlett

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